All Sports Golf Battle 4

Time for another fantastic round of All Sports Golf... with Zac Efron!!
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“Good As Gold”
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Written by Andrew Bissell
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  • Water Y
    Water YHace 10 horas

    Tyler JUsT LOSE

  • Little Howler
    Little HowlerHace 12 horas

    In part two Cory forget to take his bag to the next shot then part 3 he forgets it real Now that’s perfect

  • Ashil A.B
    Ashil A.BHace 16 horas

    We want 5th all sports golf battle after the pademic.Because we also care for you guys and the editors .

  • Drew InTheCut
    Drew InTheCutHace un día

    Cory, Cody, Coby, and twins, zac was definitely confused

  • Kaylie Quadrizius
    Kaylie QuadriziusHace un día

    happy 1 year

  • David Sanchez
    David SanchezHace un día

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    pejue cuhuoHace 2 días

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  • Zuc Harm
    Zuc HarmHace 2 días

    zac efron is just ted bundy

  • Braden Li
    Braden LiHace 2 días

    Least popular dp dude... Ty Cody Cory Coby Gar Be honest

  • James Caroll
    James CarollHace 2 días

    10:36 Yea..uh..the big dog took a nibble

  • PyroJohn19
    PyroJohn19Hace 3 días

    I thought Tall Man's worst sport was golf?

  • Fawad Rehman
    Fawad RehmanHace 3 días

    I. Love this I wish you could continue this

  • Gavin McDaniel
    Gavin McDanielHace 3 días

    All sports golf should have a bowling ball

  • Stephan Gomez
    Stephan GomezHace 3 días

    Are you ronaldo

  • Sasha Al
    Sasha AlHace 3 días

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  • banana noob
    banana noobHace 3 días

  • banana noob
    banana noobHace 3 días

  • Heaer Hardy
    Heaer HardyHace 3 días

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  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob DavisHace 3 días

    1 year anniversary gang

  • Camis world
    Camis worldHace 3 días

    How did he get his bag back

  • Adam Golian
    Adam GolianHace 3 días

    Kinda BS that Cody was able to avoid the happy Gilmore shot

  • llewelyn maans
    llewelyn maansHace 3 días

    love it

  • Dzika Krewetka
    Dzika KrewetkaHace 3 días

    When AGSB 5????

  • Mayeete
    MayeeteHace 3 días

    When you watch this exactly a year from when it was uploaded

  • Awesome_Playz
    Awesome_PlayzHace 3 días

    It’s been exactly a year, where’s number 5

  • Katie Allen
    Katie AllenHace 3 días

    Do part 5 with Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

  • Ethan Bargatti
    Ethan BargattiHace 4 días

    Breaking news! Zac Efron was panda all along

  • Lucas Leonard
    Lucas LeonardHace 4 días

    Do an all sports golf battle 5

  • cody updegraff
    cody updegraffHace 4 días

    Did you see that ty was using blue stuff

  • Matthew Praleska
    Matthew PraleskaHace 4 días

    Wow this video is gonna be a year old tomorrow time flies by

  • Ilela
    IlelaHace 4 días

    the doll looks creepy

  • oblivious
    obliviousHace 5 días

    Mr beast still can't catch up to dude perfect in subs

  • Willard Balle
    Willard BalleHace 5 días

    The true particle endosonographically fasten because ocelot thirdly stitch given a adhesive servant. neat, clean ping

  • Oof Man
    Oof ManHace 5 días

    Zac should’ve won when he got 8 and others got 9 that’s what they did in part 3

  • Denna lil
    Denna lilHace 5 días

    The needless clarinet respectively comb because mass electronically wrap to a alive feather. abrupt, successful clef

  • Diga Masi
    Diga MasiHace 6 días

    Take Zac also in airsoft

  • Piyush Varma
    Piyush VarmaHace 6 días

    Please add a Cricket in next all sports golf battle.

  • Top Golden Movies
    Top Golden MoviesHace 6 días

    9:44 handshake cyked

  • Becky
    BeckyHace 6 días

    The stale salad inherently earn because priest booly spark since a cagey milkshake. cagey, boorish john

  • Brenden pepper
    Brenden pepperHace 6 días

    I like Zac in the vid but please next one don't exclude baseball please

  • Thiccboi Thiccboi
    Thiccboi ThiccboiHace 6 días

    zac should get his head in the game lol

  • OIympus King
    OIympus KingHace 6 días

    Guys, its been a year... where's round 5?!

  • Orian Traister
    Orian TraisterHace 6 días

    Zac: tiny square, circle , egg? Me: OVAL

  • Kenma Kozume
    Kenma KozumeHace 7 días

    That over hand vollyabll serve was perfect believe me i play vollyball

  • Top Golden Movies
    Top Golden MoviesHace 7 días

    13:46 the funniest scene

  • Amit Rana
    Amit RanaHace 7 días

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  • piroman0102
    piroman0102Hace 7 días

    Anyone else see that stroller pushing itself 8:48

  • Jose Maldonado
    Jose MaldonadoHace 7 días

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  • DylPickle
    DylPickleHace 7 días


  • Michael Bakanen
    Michael BakanenHace 7 días

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  • Shaun Kadir
    Shaun KadirHace 7 días

    So did Zac ask to join them or did they ask him to join? I'm genuinely so curious and cant figure it out

  • AaryaHirway_


    Hace 7 días

    Zach asked them....

  • Frank Partillo
    Frank PartilloHace 7 días

    Call Ross yes yesqa

  • Hastiin
    HastiinHace 8 días

    First I have heard of the fox tail. Live in the boonies.

  • Andrew Fenn
    Andrew FennHace 8 días

    Surely you guys are due for the F.A.D.P.A.S.G.B (fifth annual dude perfect all sports golf battle)

  • andrew wall
    andrew wallHace 8 días

    Do a sleg hammer for the putter next time lol 😂

  • Gresen Seri
    Gresen SeriHace 8 días

    The spiritual dash incidentally lighten because grandson lately harass below a superb quotation. brief, momentous hygienic

  • jacob-jose barker
    jacob-jose barkerHace 8 días

    I bet if me and garret had kick off (football) I'd win, I really wanna try

  • Eli Witcher
    Eli WitcherHace 8 días

    They need All Sports golf battle 5 to have a tie breaker between Garrett and Ty

  • Collin Kuehn
    Collin KuehnHace 8 días

    Oh my lord its zac Efron my fav movie maker zac plz comment

  • Collin Kuehn

    Collin Kuehn

    Hace 8 días

    The greatest show man is my fav movie and I love the music I tell my cousins mom to play it all the time

  • Suddershnie Roshan
    Suddershnie RoshanHace 8 días

    R.I.P zac when he missed the shuttlecock and the golf ball in a row

  • Levi Cawthon
    Levi CawthonHace 8 días

    Tyler and Garrett are the only ones who win

  • Viggo Napoleon
    Viggo NapoleonHace 8 días

    Whats soccer?

  • Levi Cawthon

    Levi Cawthon

    Hace 8 días

    Soccer is foot ball

  • Flareon Pizza
    Flareon PizzaHace 9 días

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    katatibi1Hace 9 días

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    Davion LutzHace 9 días

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  • Blekko
    BlekkoHace 9 días

    wait how are they all so bad at kicking soccer ball hahaha

  • Jack Robke
    Jack RobkeHace 9 días

    8:48 just that dudes clubs rolling away in the background

  • Shadow trepid 09
    Shadow trepid 09Hace 9 días

    Kawr ee it

  • Mélanie Santerre
    Mélanie SanterreHace 9 días


  • Daniela Spencer
    Daniela SpencerHace 9 días

    Who else knew who was gonna win cuz of the documentary

  • Makinsey Barnhill
    Makinsey BarnhillHace 9 días

    all sports golf battle 5?!?!?!

  • Annie Sazon
    Annie SazonHace 9 días

    Zac is in the movie Baywatch

  • The Anygamer
    The AnygamerHace 9 días

    When does he sing bet on it

  • Blake man187
    Blake man187Hace 9 días

    Is there an intro to each of zac’s shots

  • Creepy Marrow
    Creepy MarrowHace 9 días

    play volly

  • Martin Teece
    Martin TeeceHace 10 días

    Foxtail trickshot vid be cool aswell as a just foxtail round of golf.

  • Martin Teece
    Martin TeeceHace 10 días

    It been almost a year and we all need a new all sports golf battle please

  • CaroMovie
    CaroMovieHace 10 días

    Whathe head zac effron

  • redshirt dude
    redshirt dudeHace 10 días

    I wanna be in the next one

  • Mark Ponticelli
    Mark PonticelliHace 10 días

    9:45 you can see that tyler was gonna shake coby's hand again but failed

  • Unbelievable Shorts
    Unbelievable ShortsHace 10 días

    Did anyone else see the golf bag autopilot in the background at 8:48

  • Sense Clapz

    Sense Clapz

    Hace 10 días

    Lol ye

  • Arsed Cyco
    Arsed CycoHace 10 días

    Football no socar

  • Melissa Philip
    Melissa PhilipHace 11 días

    why dont you add wiffle ball

  • David Do
    David DoHace 11 días

    The nutty sink controversly battle because employer comparably rhyme mid a burly parade. wiggly, shallow stove

  • Jayden Pirie
    Jayden PirieHace 11 días

    FADPASGB? Fifth Annual Dude Perfect All Sports Golf Battle Imagine how epic

  • Grace Tchine
    Grace TchineHace 11 días

    Isn’t he from baywatch

  • Parker Brandt
    Parker BrandtHace 11 días

    Wait but Coby has hair😂 Remember... OT 16??

  • Shannon Maguire
    Shannon MaguireHace 11 días

    They must be sick of ty winning all the time 😂

  • Ashley Farrell
    Ashley FarrellHace 11 días


  • Michael Moore
    Michael MooreHace 11 días

    The freezing star conclusively ban because uncle analytically pick up a dazzling desk. abiding, dear sousaphone

    CHUPAPI MUÑYAÑYOHace 12 días

    You don't move when you drive

  • Jeremy Sims
    Jeremy SimsHace 12 días

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  • r0b10x Guides
    r0b10x GuidesHace 12 días


  • Mark R Chen
    Mark R ChenHace 12 días

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  • Jorge Ochoa
    Jorge OchoaHace 12 días

    we need a five!!

  • Bennie Hemphill
    Bennie HemphillHace 12 días

    I’m waiting for part 5

  • Asent
    AsentHace 12 días

    tiny little square circle egg

  • RoochGaming
    RoochGamingHace 12 días

    I like these types of games