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Toys are fun, trick shots are awesome... Toy Trick Shots are AMAZING!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude PerfectHace 4 meses

    love you guys for reallllllll

  • Afshan Mithani

    Afshan Mithani

    Hace 2 días

    @Jackie Blankenship😱😦😷😮🤧👿🤡💩👾👾👾👾👾👾🦶🏼👄👄👄🙏🏿👦🏻💋💋💋💋💋👩🏼‍🦱👨👨👱🏿‍♀️

  • Afshan Mithani

    Afshan Mithani

    Hace 2 días

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  • Afshan Mithani

    Afshan Mithani

    Hace 2 días

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  • Sadia Farrukhis zŹ 99

    Sadia Farrukhis zŹ 99

    Hace 19 días

    Hey dude perfect can you guys take my name in your next video

  • Holden Donohoo
    Holden DonohooHace 11 horas

    Pause the vid then go to 3:34 then look in the background someone is sitting there trying to hide the fact that Tyler could not make it so I’m guessing that he Though a paper clip or somethin so it looks like he did it lol

  • 💛◍•ᴗ•◍Emily Elephant But Infected💛

    💛◍•ᴗ•◍Emily Elephant But Infected💛

    Hace 4 horas

    There is but Tyler made the shot

  • Dash McNally
    Dash McNallyHace 17 horas

    you have 2 of the same toys as us

  • Firoz Alam
    Firoz AlamHace 17 horas

    3:35 Best part!!!

  • Nawwaf Yusuf
    Nawwaf YusufHace 19 horas

    I see this Video SO Satisfying

  • San jay
    San jayHace un día

    Dude please do some tricksjots with yoyo.

  • Catherine Evans
    Catherine EvansHace un día

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  • Super Star
    Super StarHace un día


  • Todd Staub
    Todd StaubHace un día

    Just saw an ad for u

  • mld552
    mld552Hace un día

    I had to make these hotwheel tracks with books and slanted books

  • DwagChomp
    DwagChompHace un día

    Got a dude perfect ad while watching a dude perfect video 😃😂

    KAIFI XDHace un día

    Imagine how many tries every trick shot takes

  • Clover Gaming
    Clover GamingHace 2 días

    FUN 🤩

  • Syamsul Kodry
    Syamsul KodryHace 2 días

    Show off

  • SantiPlayz game’s
    SantiPlayz game’sHace 2 días

    THIS IS SO COOL!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • xX Doge Xx
    xX Doge XxHace 2 días

    Hot Wheels are a part of every cultured boys childhood-

  • Ryan Reza
    Ryan RezaHace 2 días

    Dude that is perfect!

  • Vogels Plays
    Vogels PlaysHace 2 días

    Way better than that’s amazing

  • akhil Penumatsa
    akhil PenumatsaHace 2 días

    Are there any duplication of coby

  • Tristen Bartz
    Tristen BartzHace 3 días

    3:03 Mike wasowski screaming

  • Bernardo Damiqui pereira Damiqui Pereira
    Bernardo Damiqui pereira Damiqui PereiraHace 3 días

    Eu não sei o que vcs estão falando

  • Max Freeman
    Max FreemanHace 3 días


  • Holloway Ryland
    Holloway RylandHace 3 días

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  • Ansusijo sijo
    Ansusijo sijoHace 3 días

    my name is juval sijo

  • Ansusijo sijo
    Ansusijo sijoHace 3 días

    supper dude perfect thankqu

  • kirsten lit
    kirsten litHace 3 días

    I really like that song "It's Like Whoa"

  • Taiyou Nomura Garcia
    Taiyou Nomura GarciaHace 4 días

    1:37 And that´s how you break a yoyo

  • bacon hair
    bacon hairHace 5 días

    Looks live a Movie 0:44

  • אורית גרוס
    אורית גרוסHace 5 días


    MAHAYLA YBARRAHace 6 días

    Trick shot idea: throw a softball/baseball into a pitching machine. Then the machine pitches with the ball and there’s a batter who hits it

  • Terry Keatts
    Terry KeattsHace 6 días

    Cool as heck

  • Minh Quân Nguyên
    Minh Quân NguyênHace 7 días

    Why dont people watch this!!!

  • BCoffee
    BCoffeeHace 7 días

    Top 1 reason to learn physics

  • Parker Essential
    Parker EssentialHace 7 días

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  • xxpr0sniperxx
    xxpr0sniperxxHace 7 días

    i love the panda🤩🤩😀😁😉

  • Sari X
    Sari XHace 8 días

    I legit SAW and WATCHED your add about ID tech right before watching your vid lol XD

  • Aymaan sherief
    Aymaan sheriefHace 8 días

    I dis tHi comeNt iN mU appPr pen Ci

  • Family Sanders
    Family SandersHace 8 días

    the ad was dude perfect

  • The Hash Slinging Slasher 354
    The Hash Slinging Slasher 354Hace 8 días

    Why did I get a dude perfect ad in a dude perfect vid

  • Ayra’s Blade
    Ayra’s BladeHace 8 días

    when you get a dp ad on a dp vid

  • xxnahexx
    xxnahexxHace 8 días

    Me: clicks DP vid. What I get: DP ad

  • Archibald Carcone
    Archibald CarconeHace 8 días

    What beyblade was that?

  • O Gameing
    O GameingHace 8 días

    At the first part I was getting forza vibs

  • The dragon
    The dragonHace 8 días

    You should make that into a corse with the tracker feature on hot wheels online or something

  • Sussi 10
    Sussi 10Hace 8 días

    The bottle flip in the start was perfect timing.

  • Morgan Musick
    Morgan MusickHace 9 días

    Standing ovation slow clap for that hot wheels track. The video is cool & all, but that track deserves some independent appreciation.

  • MarkYeetuber
    MarkYeetuberHace 9 días

    Fun Fact: The frisbee thrower at around 2:35 is the same one in the Cool Not Cool Fanmail of Overtime 20.

  • Monke
    MonkeHace 9 días

    Meet the gods of trick shots DUDE PERFECT

  • Soham T Gupta
    Soham T GuptaHace 9 días

    you guys are so perfect, I doubt if you guys are even human.

  • shane honeycutt
    shane honeycuttHace 9 días

    Ya’ll are amazing! and great shots too! :> :> :> :> :> How long have you been wasting ur time on this comment? :> :> :) “w i n k”

  • All Spot Gaming
    All Spot GamingHace 9 días

    something hit the dodge ball at thhe end look in slow motion

  • Vance Benton
    Vance BentonHace 9 días

    Nobody: LITERALLY nobody: Dude Perfect: BANGERRRR!!!

  • rinoy ana laxmi
    rinoy ana laxmiHace 9 días

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    Eniolassa JakandesaHace 9 días

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  • kalyan21aryan
    kalyan21aryanHace 9 días

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  • Earl yeshua Cabanag
    Earl yeshua CabanagHace 9 días

    Great tricks

  • Noah Park
    Noah ParkHace 9 días

    the shot in the video at the time 1:46 should be in unpredictable shots

  • g.prabahar g.prabahar
    g.prabahar g.prabaharHace 9 días

    this dude perfect video on my birthday!!!

  • logei rafai
    logei rafaiHace 9 días

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  • Tharun Shakthivel
    Tharun ShakthivelHace 9 días

    Do a Beyblade trick shot video

  • Ahmed Al Shidhani
    Ahmed Al ShidhaniHace 10 días

    Who else here has noticed that sparky is the panda. I mean come on think when have you ever seen panda and sparky on the same video.

  • Wolf Pack96
    Wolf Pack96Hace 10 días

    They used Cody disk thrower on one of the shots from overtime

  • joeizdop
    joeizdopHace 10 días

    4:31 wow i am disappointed not even just net tisk tisk ty

  • Jackman Studios
    Jackman StudiosHace 10 días

    How did the car ride the whole truck with a GoPro on it

  • 3 Subs Every Comment Challenge! And Ill Sub To You!
    3 Subs Every Comment Challenge! And Ill Sub To You!Hace 10 días

    3:33 the toy didnt pop the balloon, there is a small pin behind the balloon stuck to the wall. The toy just bumped the balloon.

  • 3 Subs Every Comment Challenge! And Ill Sub To You!
    3 Subs Every Comment Challenge! And Ill Sub To You!Hace 10 días

    From Basketball, softball, NFL, soccer, baseball to hotwheels, barbies, toystory.

  • Dr. Random21
    Dr. Random21Hace 10 días

    I like how they even used BeyBlades

  • kempes Mikhael
    kempes MikhaelHace 10 días

    hi Colby

  • Frank Gidore
    Frank GidoreHace 10 días

    That’s so cool

  • Kenan Sheppard
    Kenan SheppardHace 10 días

    That might have just been the greatest trick shot intro of all time

  • jeremy rodriguez
    jeremy rodriguezHace 10 días

    3:35 i never seen that guy before

  • Richard Posky
    Richard PoskyHace 10 días

    Do you guys have beyblades. Pls comment if you do.

  • Kristy Charles
    Kristy CharlesHace 11 días

    Question what beyblade was that

  • Sushant Mainali34
    Sushant Mainali34Hace 11 días


  • Collin Hinds
    Collin HindsHace 11 días

    Lets just take a moment of how long it would of taken for the dude perfect sqaud to set that hot wheels track up and btw, cool bottle flip cody

  • Happydave01
    Happydave01Hace 11 días


  • DenverFan131
    DenverFan131Hace 11 días

    The beyblades brought me back to when it was still a thing and not the beyblade burst stuff

  • Corbin Combo
    Corbin ComboHace 11 días

    2:04 why does the thing on the table make me think Tyler used that instead of the paper

  • Jay Black
    Jay BlackHace 11 días

    OK I'm curious. Do these guys just try a million times till they succeed or are they aimbots or something.

  • Brian and Randi Reetz
    Brian and Randi ReetzHace 11 días


  • Vedanshi Bhavsar
    Vedanshi BhavsarHace 11 días

    The intro was everything

  • Pavan Jyothi Katta
    Pavan Jyothi KattaHace 11 días

    😨Imagine when you get a trick shot but yu for get to record it😨😨😨 😜

  • Bravery Soul
    Bravery SoulHace 11 días

    The long hot wheel track is litterlly like a army and at the end for the golf ball it’s the rocket missle and the hole is the other tank

  • KreatorBeats
    KreatorBeatsHace 12 días

    can we get a trickshot stereotype

  • Devøn
    DevønHace 12 días

    Just saw a trick shot video by a channel called trick shot pigs. It only had 11 views! Super underrated. Next dude perfect!

  • Renee Phillips
    Renee PhillipsHace 12 días

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  • Flappy Dragon
    Flappy DragonHace 12 días

    That feels like when you first play one of the Forza horizon games 0:52

  • Jim the bean
    Jim the beanHace 12 días

    pleas tour Alabama

  • Cool Platypus
    Cool PlatypusHace 12 días

    2:11 is that paper?

  • yourgirlrhyan
    yourgirlrhyanHace 12 días

    School Sterotypes The gym chewer The kid who takes forever on the bathroom The pencil breaker The tapper The talkative teacher The “cool” teacher. The first day of school parent The cheater The nerds The one who hums The fidget kid The kid who ditched Like so they can see this! And make it happen!!! (Chain?)

  • NinWii !
    NinWii !Hace 12 días

    you should make the beginning a VR ride. No kidding.

  • Shabarish
    ShabarishHace 12 días

    They are the only guys who still play with toys,but are mature than anyone...... ❤️

  • rimeo pagei
    rimeo pageiHace 13 días

    The sad eyebrow ontogenically fasten because bean exemplarily guide outside a big rooster. bitter, adjoining stepson

  • Michael Vass
    Michael VassHace 13 días

    This may be the most low effort trick shot video dude perfect has.

  • Bod-7


    Hace 8 días

    But still really imppresive

  • Reid Forster
    Reid ForsterHace 13 días


  • Korbin Rene
    Korbin ReneHace 13 días

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  • Marie Grace Malicdem
    Marie Grace MalicdemHace 13 días


  • Grayson McKenna
    Grayson McKennaHace 13 días

    I feel so sorry for you ty!

  • OD Reverse
    OD ReverseHace 13 días

    Holy the rc cars and the planes where soo sick it was like froze

  • shak smith
    shak smithHace 13 días

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