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Our most mind-blowing trick shot video EVER!
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    I was like what is this dude camel doing here

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    Hey! he had both feet up in the intro

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    Noah CalingHace 9 horas

    3:13 dp buying a soccer ball cake. (5 HOURS LATER) Hitting Sparks with a soccer ball cake. What a Money Waster

  • ButterflyGamer15
    ButterflyGamer15Hace 10 horas

    I just realized you were faking the dart shot because you can see the white string on the black ceiling

  • Fun with Agamdeep
    Fun with AgamdeepHace 10 horas

    2:26 they cheated

  • Mohammed Uddin
    Mohammed UddinHace 13 horas

    Tyler: Haha fooled ya I’m not on he ceiling!!! The camera man: -_-

  • Ermal Loco
    Ermal LocoHace 14 horas

    2:28 its fake because you can see a thread in the arrow

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge GonzalezHace 14 horas

    2:30 you can see the string on the dart lol

  • Gary Langston
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    P SUNDARAMHace un día

    The shooting dart in the bull eye was easy because there was a string attached to the dart

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    Please don't leave Tyler you are awesome

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    I got ur ad

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    2:22 into the video with the dart, I saw a string that was holding the dart. They clickbaited us…

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    I got an ad about dude perfect at the start of a dude perfect video! What are the odds!

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    1:10 no way thats what I guessed

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    0:55 pause almost immediately for a cool looking screenshot

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    I should be with them, if they only knew!

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    vrfaxre126Hace un día

    I just saw the string divisibl I saw the string it was invisible stop lying I saw a Dude Perfect e one

  • emir2 sumo
    emir2 sumoHace un día

    2.29 great trick shot!

  • Steven Cascone
    Steven CasconeHace un día

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    Jennifer Ashleigh IsaacHace un día

    I love you dude perfect I'm only 10 js u guys are sooooooo cool

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    It's the best video I have ever seen

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    Did the baseball bat land

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    They can take all medals in Olympics in shooting category

  • Robloxian Yoro
    Robloxian YoroHace 2 días

    1:42 imagine Tyler falls 🤣

  • StudyBuddy
    StudyBuddyHace 2 días

    dart one was fake i saw the wire dudes

  • Trevor Mitchell
    Trevor MitchellHace 2 días

    Lol I saw that you were useing a string for the dart trick shot lol

  • pxl yeeter
    pxl yeeterHace 2 días

    This video costs 20 cameras 📸

  • Abi Chau
    Abi ChauHace 3 días

    All those setups is more effort than doing the trick shot

  • Yunis Dyare
    Yunis DyareHace 3 días

    There was a string tied on the dark

  • Prathyush Pramoj
    Prathyush PramojHace 3 días

    2.22 to 2.32 i think that's not a trick shot.....these guys are completely faking us.....i can see a thread tided with tht thing

  • peter Mathews
    peter MathewsHace 3 días

    Yo that was Awesome!

  • Darren Lowry
    Darren LowryHace 3 días

    You think one things going to happen when the complete opposite happened

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  • K.Olton
    K.OltonHace 3 días

    You should have used a bowling ball instead of a cake! Lol

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  • EV
    EVHace 3 días

    I don’t understand the intro clip, someone with big brain plz explain

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    Shreyas PHace 3 días

    The best

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    One Türker

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  • pooky  and punky
    pooky and punkyHace 4 días

    I love gary

  • Jithin Achu
    Jithin AchuHace 4 días

    2.28 u can see the dart was tied in a thread...and someone is controlling the dart.... hatsoff the brilliance..👍

  • Pup Eversole
    Pup EversoleHace 5 días

    The first dart trick shot the dart was hung by a string

  • Elizaiah Perez
    Elizaiah PerezHace 5 días

    they use a wire 2:31

  • Sawyer Murphy
    Sawyer MurphyHace 5 días

    Drade sigie i saw it fake

  • AWesome Weiss
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  • zeynep akyuz
    zeynep akyuzHace 5 días

    2:25 is a lie who else saw the string?

  • Ryan LaRoche
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    I saw a string on the dart 🎯 one

  • Patrick Glasson
    Patrick GlassonHace 5 días

    this was great

  • Patrick Glasson
    Patrick GlassonHace 5 días

    pleaser do more of these

  • afnan zia
    afnan ziaHace 5 días

    On the first dart shot i saw string from above oof

  • Shashank R
    Shashank RHace 5 días

    Garret cheated on the darts there was a string

  • BlacK hackeR
    BlacK hackeRHace 5 días

    I saw the rope when he threw the dart

  • Cassandra Brown
    Cassandra BrownHace 5 días

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  • Denzel Drew Dwight
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    cool hey i am from Indonesia nice to meet you

  • Pug pro productions
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    people that didn't know it was an upside down living room:HoWs HiS hAt StIlL oN?

  • Gustavo Gonzalez
    Gustavo GonzalezHace 6 días

    At 2:20 you can see that Garry has a string at the dart

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick SmithHace 6 días

    2:28 clearly using fishing line

  • Charlie Palmer
    Charlie PalmerHace 6 días

    That was sick

  • Dante Kutz
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  • Marshall Hayes
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    The dart board one had a string on it soooooooo.........😶

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  • Rudra Garg
    Rudra GargHace 6 días

    Garett's dart was threaded

  • Priscilla Lewis
    Priscilla LewisHace 6 días

    I've watch the first trick shot over and over but i still don't get it

  • Mandy Rhodes
    Mandy RhodesHace 6 días


  • AZ venom
    AZ venomHace 6 días

    We had to talk serious How did you do the 1st secene please tell

  • Win Le
    Win LeHace 7 días

    I saw the string in trick bullseye

  • Stephen Shaw
    Stephen ShawHace 7 días

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  • Oppo A5s
    Oppo A5sHace 7 días

    can you teach me to do

  • Gray Harry
    Gray HarryHace 7 días

    Mute the song. This video is odd. Bunch of old dudes throwing stuff. Not bad but pointless.

  • kiogerboy
    kiogerboyHace 7 días

    i watched this and got a dude perfect ad ;-;

  • Louie YATES
    Louie YATESHace 7 días

    Did you guys team up with Zach king for the trick shots

  • Greta Whittier
    Greta WhittierHace 7 días

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    Jeremy GonzalezHace 7 días

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    99fordmustangHace 7 días

    The dart one had a string on it i saw it

  • Robloxlilo 10
    Robloxlilo 10Hace 7 días

    The ad befor was with dude perfect lol

  • Amy Hendrickson
    Amy HendricksonHace 7 días

    Who else doesn’t understand the 1st one even after watching this multiple times

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    that string tho

  • Nicholas Ranalli
    Nicholas RanalliHace 7 días

    Dose anyone see the string with garrets dart thing shot😀

  • 다미드니 BRO
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    I enjoyed your video. I envy the number of subscribers. I want to be like you.

    DANIEL CHARLESHace 8 días

    Fake shot the dart was attached to a thread

  • zayed almheiri
    zayed almheiriHace 8 días

    Bro I saw the invisible string

  • Jasiah Himes
    Jasiah HimesHace 8 días

    Is it just me or did is see a string on the dart 🤔