RC Helicopter Battle | Dude Perfect

First RC cars, then RC planes, and now.. RC HELICOPTERS!! Another incredible DP Battle!
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    Funny! Also I had an ad that was before the vid called ID Tech u did a collab right? Funny it was before this vid

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  • Tim Fangrad
    Tim FangradHace 7 días

    All those times Ty said he was team Coby, my only response: 2:36

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    Cade ChandlerHace 8 días

    Team tt

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  • The Ghostarmy
    The GhostarmyHace 8 días

    Honestly I think the person flying the drone won lol he never lost control lol

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    Tom BlueHace 9 días

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    Gabe HastingsHace 19 días

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  • Steven Garmon
    Steven GarmonHace 19 días

    Here’s my unofficial battle win count for the guys: (I also included team battle wins in the total) Tyler: 28 Cody: 14 Garrett: 13 Cory: 11 Coby: 6 Let’s see who wins the next one!

  • Marble Racing 2.0

    Marble Racing 2.0

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    Mikey TankersleyHace 24 días

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    Loner TVHace 24 días

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    timothy dobson

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