Swimming Pool Stereotypes

Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the pool stereotypes
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    Geez Ty really committed to that wipeout in rage monster

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    Not gonna lie tshirts in pool feel great

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    Spf2000 be all parents doing to their kids

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    Don’t forget the person that doesn’t actually want to be there.

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    tyler does not realise it wasdak prascott was there

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    Ian even realize mah boy Dak was in there at first 😂😂

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    SPF2000 - me being ginger 'IS THAT IT?0

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    They over irrigated a land just for our entertainment What such legends

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    Y'all hate it when you forget to take your laptop out of your pocket but you already jumped in the pool?

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    all this they have been hiding it the rage monsters dark past he has always had a short temper but at the age of 20 he had enough he went insane locked away in an insane asylum he escaped he found help his friends love him but cant take his insanity they have been watching and hiding him so he wont have to go back and that my friends is the story of the rage monster

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    stereotype suggestion:sleepover if you do I have 2 stereotypes, the stuffed animal kid and the brings their whole house

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    Dak looked so offended when ty was telling him how to do it 😂

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    I am the temp sensitive Timmy IRL. It takes me like 5-10 minutes to get into the pool LOL

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    Song name?

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    The wet food is soooooo relatable

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    At the pool park where they have guns how they see how we see

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    "The guy with a water slide and brags to his friends about it"

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    I lovw this

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    I love that they added dak love the cowboys favorite player zeke tho

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    I love how dark Prescott was in this video he plays for my favorite NFL twam

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    1:35 should’ve been the black guy

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    Make more steriotypes

  • A Legendary Soccer Life
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    This reminds me of grown ups 2

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