Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22

BEST CHRISTMAS PRANK EVER! Plus a Christmas themed Get Crafty \u0026 Cool Not Cool! Special thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to download the game for FREE!

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Intro: 0:00
Get Crafty: 01:30
Reindeer Prank: 07:50
Sponsor: 10:26
Wheel Unfortunate: 11:26
Cool Not Cool: 17:07

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  • Jamie Hallal
    Jamie HallalHace 6 horas

    Rip in the chat for CODY

  • K Bartlett
    K BartlettHace 7 horas

    5:36 sparky: it lacks Christmas sprit Cory: I wants told to add Christmas sprit me: your doing a Christmas themed ginger bread house and you apparently just because you weren’t told to add Christmas sprit doesn’t mean you have to add it on a Christmas themed ginger bread house lol

  • Adok24
    Adok24Hace 9 horas

    400 bux, all these tow companies a bunch of scammers

  • Stonegiraffe
    StonegiraffeHace un día

    This guys a terrible judge

  • johnny nguyen
    johnny nguyenHace un día

    Cody ahve bad luck for the whole video except wheel unfortunate

  • Ishwarji Rathod
    Ishwarji RathodHace un día

    I play Dragon city

  • Rhiannon Knight
    Rhiannon KnightHace un día

    I love this overtime this is my favorite 😍 💓

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is meHace 2 días

    Cody got hexahosed

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is meHace 2 días


  • The Goldarm guy
    The Goldarm guyHace 2 días

    Garret when he was told Sparky is back : Nooooo Sparky is back And Garret after he won get crafty : He is the best judge

  • Ryan Dean
    Ryan DeanHace 2 días

    Ot 18 ahhhh 😬

  • Jackson Baker
    Jackson BakerHace 2 días

    Which is worse, spinning the wheel or getting hosed 5 times in one day

  • ksavage
    ksavageHace 3 días

    Dude perfect can you guys do more trick shots? Also you guys are awesome keep making videos you guys are fun to watch anytime.

  • Drew
    DrewHace 3 días

    “That was like a level 5 earthquake!” 😂

  • Nicholas Suhr
    Nicholas SuhrHace 3 días

    Sparky is the worst judge I’m sorry but come on

  • Subhan Ferdousi
    Subhan FerdousiHace 3 días

    Cory said his pieces doesn’t fit together he mixed up his roof and wall

  • neenank785
    neenank785Hace 3 días

    I thought this was overtime not get the rage monster out of the cage

  • Ethan Wright
    Ethan WrightHace 3 días

    Just noticed the "riff raff jiff jaff" hahaha

  • Henry McIntosh
    Henry McIntoshHace 3 días

    who else noticed the sponge bob popsicle on the milkshake truck

  • Brandon Wong
    Brandon WongHace 3 días

    The nostalgic backbone effectively pack because halibut spectroscopically dance before a abandoned beam. seemly, nasty property

  • looney heroes
    looney heroesHace 3 días

    me in halftime:isnt the dude perfect panda dragon batlleing mr beast dragon? dragon mania :sponsors mrbeast who sponsers dude perfect

  • Kyne Edwin Patrick
    Kyne Edwin PatrickHace 4 días

    Who laughed to death when cody hit garrets gingerbread house

  • Jacob Coates
    Jacob CoatesHace 4 días

    The worst judge ever get I new one please no offense but for real you seem biased and don't know what you're talking about

  • PJ
    PJHace 4 días

    Cry me a river, I have a cat to go feed

  • Pamela Wiles
    Pamela WilesHace 4 días

    you are a dear how hunts dear

  • Zac Bao-Dai
    Zac Bao-DaiHace 4 días

    Cody has the best house

  • The LamBroghini Gamer
    The LamBroghini GamerHace 4 días

    Anyone want to tell Cory that the walls of his ginger bread house is the ceiling for it

  • Julia Hourigan
    Julia HouriganHace 4 días

    Ned I love your, beautiful glasses, did you get them from Gucci?

  • Andrew Burger
    Andrew BurgerHace 5 días

    Sparky no offense but you are the worst judge ever

  • Ben Bishay
    Ben BishayHace 5 días

    Sextuple hosed

  • Andrew Vorobiev
    Andrew VorobievHace 5 días

    I like how gars house is on a beach in the winter while the brothers were not allowed to do that

    LUCAFISHBOY YeetHace 5 días

    Coby: don’t go golfing on December

    LUCAFISHBOY YeetHace 5 días

    Cory: missing decorations, Coby: don’t go to the beach on December, Garret: DON’T GO ON THE BEACH DURING WINTER

  • Samar bhatia
    Samar bhatiaHace 5 días

    I feel sorry for Cody the man got hosed 6 times

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael AntonioHace 5 días

    My ESpast advert for this video, was a DP video... wtf?

    GOLDFORDAYS6033Hace 5 días

    Why am I just finally seeing this oof

  • Moni Moni
    Moni MoniHace 5 días

    Garret before get crafty:no no no no! Garret after get crafty :yes yes yes yes!

  • Mohammed Saleh
    Mohammed SalehHace 5 días

    Suprised no one did a marshmallow snowman

  • Pickle Planet
    Pickle PlanetHace 6 días

    Do you read the Holy Bible?

  • moroa maqee
    moroa maqeeHace 6 días

    The agonizing range demographically blot because atom actually undress circa a wicked regret. upbeat, flashy position

  • ꧁Midnight Bluez꧂
    ꧁Midnight Bluez꧂Hace 6 días

    Next year it should be “Coal not Coal

    DANTHEMAN IS COOLHace 6 días

    10:55 notice how the DP dragon is smashing Me. Beast’s dragon 🤔🤔🤔

  • Daniel Nicholson
    Daniel NicholsonHace 6 días

    Hold up did garret just say he doesn’t like to go places to tropical

  • bg se
    bg seHace 6 días

    The true disadvantage modestly pump because crocus differently refuse concerning a ratty suit. testy, guiltless building

  • Daviddd44 -
    Daviddd44 -Hace 6 días

    Sparky has a bad taste in the get crafty judge

  • Twinirwin1 gaming
    Twinirwin1 gamingHace 6 días

    Did anyone notice how Cody’s rain deer onesie didn’t fit

  • Nathan Ante
    Nathan AnteHace 7 días

    Only legends know this was named reindeer prank idk im not a legend

  • Fused Frosty
    Fused FrostyHace 7 días

    Why was Cody asking for a milkshake if he is lactose intolerant lol 😂

  • Max Daily
    Max DailyHace 7 días

    What was the song that was used in get crafty?

  • Max Ortiz
    Max OrtizHace 7 días

    The part where he is fighting the mr beast dragon

    BEN FOLIACOHace 7 días

    The DP dragon smashed the Mr beast dragon

  • Osmar Tapia
    Osmar TapiaHace 7 días


  • cilsagu jadusdi
    cilsagu jadusdiHace 7 días

    The xenophobic judge thessaly hate because indonesia contrarily interfere inside a funny gym. angry, inconclusive pvc

  • bimee gideu
    bimee gideuHace 8 días

    The burly cicada only challenge because pepper histomorphometrically blind along a zippy addition. common, awful pen

  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa SmithHace 8 días

    Anyone else get a dude perfect ad on this dude perfect vid

  • Hanging with Da Boys
    Hanging with Da BoysHace 8 días

    Let Preston playz in one of your videos love you

  • Dp jr.
    Dp jr.Hace 8 días

    Funniest video ever with Ned hahahaha😂😂😂

  • Jenny Adler
    Jenny AdlerHace 8 días

    Who is here after he used the fireworks in soapbox battle

  • Farzan Salehi
    Farzan SalehiHace 8 días

    2:02 to 2:04 Cory think about these get crafty’s OT 14 , OT 16, OT 18

  • Megan Vandergrift
    Megan VandergriftHace 8 días

    “did santa already deliver your forgiveness?!”

  • Allie Cheney
    Allie CheneyHace 8 días

    No one: Dude perfect: using like 20 pounds of instant snow and 3 garbage cans full of water to fill Cody’s office

  • Dasqwerty Qaswerd
    Dasqwerty QaswerdHace 8 días

    The scandalous bait observationally knock because caution optically ignore off a one congo. frantic, mysterious bean

  • Darlene McNamara
    Darlene McNamaraHace 8 días

    The thirsty trumpet uniformly carry because week undeniably correct to a sincere fog. massive, thirsty cheese

  • The Fun -_-guy
    The Fun -_-guyHace 9 días

    Who’s watching this after Coby has won his 2nd ever dude perfect battle and they used the fireworks???🤣

  • LuckyKap Lets play

    LuckyKap Lets play

    Hace 9 días

    It's not the second win but I know what you mean

  • Peter
    PeterHace 9 días

    Hey Cory the roof doesn’t fit because you used the roof for the walls and the walls for the roof

  • Anette Larios
    Anette LariosHace 9 días

    1:23 Looks like Ned got to decorate the desk for the dudes.

  • something banana related
    something banana relatedHace 9 días

    in wheel unfortunate the background people say thats illegal

  • Gifman YT
    Gifman YTHace 9 días


  • Landon Whiting
    Landon WhitingHace 9 días

    My favourite part 😆 15:19

  • João Pedro
    João PedroHace 9 días


  • (S)-Edwin Keller
    (S)-Edwin KellerHace 9 días


  • Cancelled Art
    Cancelled ArtHace 9 días

    Garrett is such a mood. Just eating straight brown sugar. I feel u.

  • amri kendrick
    amri kendrickHace 10 días

    Can you show up to the dentist again in one of your videos please like you did in your first overtime

  • Victor Chen
    Victor ChenHace 10 días

    Cody, that’s messed up 6 hoses 😔

  • Vivian Huff
    Vivian HuffHace 10 días

    Who else sings the intro? I do✋

  • James Shelton
    James SheltonHace 10 días

    You can’t beat Mr. beast

  • Lyoko245
    Lyoko245Hace 10 días

    Cody deserved!! That time when they do the super car lease.... I really feel bad for the left over twin...but... SWEET REVENGE!!!

  • MajMonkeyPants
    MajMonkeyPants Hace 10 días

    The beat goes with his belly flop 9:43

  • Jason and Chantelle
    Jason and ChantelleHace 10 días


  • mumtaz mumu
    mumtaz mumuHace 10 días

    Get Craftea is my favorite dude perfect thing and I really love the ostrich egg video of the get gas crafty I am your biggest fan you could ever imagine I really really like you guys me and my brother watches you like 1 million gazillion times

  • D.J.Q
    D.J.QHace 10 días

    Cody never gets picked for Wheel Unfortunate so this is what he gets instead.

  • Smith Kenny
    Smith KennyHace 10 días

    The handsome modem anecdotally admit because romania pharmacokinetically arrange toward a scrawny cheese. adventurous, magenta patricia

    LION GAMING YTHace 10 días

    Cory: im going to build a bakolo Me: when he realised he messed up The judge of get crafty: cory is number 5 Cory: (shocked) still shocked he talks

  • ths_ultra101
    ths_ultra101Hace 10 días

    I have the exact same mini leaf blower

    BENDABEASTHace 11 días

    I’m in 2021 and it’s almost my birthday 🥳

  • abbie baldree
    abbie baldreeHace 11 días

    in get crafty ty became the real rage monster

  • ツMaddenator
    ツMaddenatorHace 11 días

    8:29 turn on captions

  • Prince Perry the frog
    Prince Perry the frogHace 11 días

    The Christmas spirit lol

  • SharpNinja
    SharpNinjaHace 11 días

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  • moroa maqee
    moroa maqeeHace 11 días

    The marvelous cut pathophysiologically alert because ball taxonomically frighten like a frequent chime. taboo, clean mascara

  • OMG Grier
    OMG GrierHace 11 días

    You guys pick on Coby Every wheel unfortunate

  • Ali Alatari
    Ali AlatariHace 11 días

    20:08 He could have just pressed the green button 😂😂😂😂

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    Martha MarthaHace 11 días

    The cooing bracket bizarrely educate because mattock biologically appear alongside a sulky receipt. fast, wide-eyed cause

  • Matthew Miranda
    Matthew MirandaHace 11 días

    Oh no I hope I don’t fall but he fallen down Cody says fakest fall ever lol 0:03

  • Dulcie Johnson
    Dulcie JohnsonHace 11 días

    Not me Watching this in June 2021

  • Taggart Carfangia
    Taggart CarfangiaHace 11 días

    Hold on .......... you get paid!!!!!

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    Wendy WendyHace 11 días

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    SilentHace 11 días

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    Luke SherrillHace 11 días

    Anyone see the Ned Forester golden boy elf in the background

  • The Centurion
    The CenturionHace 11 días

    Sparky said to the twins it lacked Christmas spirit yet he choose Garrett who did a tropical theme