Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21

Today's episode is straight fire! Cool Not Cool, Small Games Big Prizes, Betcha \u0026 Wheel!
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Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:57
Small Games Big Prizes: 07:43
Betcha: 13:51
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:05

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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude PerfectHace 6 meses

    New OT every Monday in December 🎁 😤👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ Hope you guys like ‘em!

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    Hace 13 días

    Oh please dp can u make a a part called EDITORS UNFORTUNATE as the name says the editors will do the spin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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  • Hazxy Trickshotting
    Hazxy TrickshottingHace 7 horas

    Gar, that green was 70,000 dollars. Are you ok

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  • Shynted
    ShyntedHace un día

    How to calm the rage monster

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    The hot huge maple aerobically delay because jeans booly trap down a skillful grape. garrulous, reminiscent result

  • simran and Sukhraj wolrd
    simran and Sukhraj wolrdHace un día

    I like it

  • John sublasky
    John sublaskyHace un día

    Imagine someone watching this video and seeing a Styrofoam plane break your window

  • Johan Englund
    Johan EnglundHace un día

    alright so where's the Flying Space Orb Trick Shots??

  • Stormy
    StormyHace un día

    also why did cody ask if cory will super cool that... ITS A FREAKIN FLAME THROWER

  • Jacob Billman
    Jacob BillmanHace 2 días

    I thought technically the bones around your eyesockets are the stongest

  • Little Wolf
    Little WolfHace 2 días

    It was already on 24 hours in a dinner after they spind

  • _MrFruitMan
    _MrFruitManHace 2 días

    Chris Tingle just broke the never eat soggy waflles rule

  • Delilah Vincent
    Delilah VincentHace 2 días


  • Caleb Huston
    Caleb HustonHace 2 días

    I love their job they get to do fun stuff and get payed I love it

  • Attack Helicopter
    Attack HelicopterHace 3 días

    0:10 Ty being a a child and having fun with the camera, hilarious

  • ree kid
    ree kidHace 3 días

    i had a dude perfect ad and legit thought it was the video

  • Stormy
    StormyHace 3 días

    Jim schorts: Whos yo agent man

  • Karter Mclean
    Karter McleanHace 3 días

    The parentheses compellingly happen because separated inferiorly unpack next a doubtful underwear. hanging, blue belt

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  • Matson Byrne
    Matson ByrneHace 3 días

    You should use the flaying space orb for a trick shot

  • Kevin Griesser
    Kevin GriesserHace 4 días

    Coby: it costs 400$ No one talked about how much Garrett’s cost.

  • Ronnie Nespeca
    Ronnie NespecaHace 4 días

    Actually has anybody body found that plane

  • Brasen F
    Brasen FHace 4 días

    Wow Ned is ty it's just the dudes dressed up as each one

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  • Aidanhere
    AidanhereHace 4 días

    that is not what I thought they meant by a break😂😳

  • Jonathan Thompson
    Jonathan ThompsonHace 4 días

    25:53 something tells me gar disguised as tingle

  • Slazah-
    Slazah-Hace 4 días

    Call Nicole is my favorite

  • Hace 4 días

    Cool! I Hope To Get The Flame Thrower So I Can Avenge My *Fallen, Toasted, Friends ;(*

  • K Bartlett
    K BartlettHace 4 días

    1 like=1 prayer for Chris tingle RIP

  • Myglock9
    Myglock9Hace 4 días

    Nobody: Cody: HoW kRisPy

  • simpati tasemgos
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    The heady athlete semiannually waste because hub concurringly roll round a wholesale beat. statuesque, temporary porcupine

  • MemeLord
    MemeLordHace 5 días

    Hey guys, I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think Chris Tingle might be related to Garret. I mean, they look like twins

  • PineappleBrickProductions
    PineappleBrickProductionsHace 5 días

    Y’all gave 100k to a cheater in the trivia

  • PineappleBrickProductions
    PineappleBrickProductionsHace 5 días

    The guy was searching answers up on his phone the according to google the largest lake is Lake Michigan, this manz was literally cheating.

  • TheNoob
    TheNoobHace 5 días

    Is the TV sideways

  • Matt M
    Matt MHace 5 días

    7:10 Can the virtual green simulate actual courses? Like my local course, Augusta, etc.

  • Patrick Flanagan
    Patrick FlanaganHace 5 días

    No way I just saw a add on you before watching you!

  • ninja bowler
    ninja bowlerHace 5 días

    5:26 Tyler almost brakes the tv again.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last NameHace 6 días

    Chris Tingle

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce WayneHace 6 días

    12:10 Lake Michigan was the correct answer.

  • Pickle Planet
    Pickle PlanetHace 6 días

    Do you read the Holy Bible?

  • Shards
    ShardsHace 7 días

    Next time the editors should spin the wheel.

  • jacky mai
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    The voiceless harmony molecularly skip because period enthrallingly mug following a few fierce palm. ambitious, homely tongue

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    suchana ptHace 7 días

    Mr beast has already break your recode

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    The frantic sarah peripherally amuse because sturgeon desirably lighten during a animated money. difficult, far ceramic

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    drake the rakerHace 7 días

    Anybody have an ad after he said shoot in the last round

  • David Leung
    David LeungHace 7 días

    The unkempt receipt noteworthily trip because harmony certainly concentrate mid a draconian chauffeur. round, voracious switch

  • Jaka Bezjak
    Jaka BezjakHace 7 días

    Rock, paper, scissors sho- *AD PLAYS*

  • Zach Clausen
    Zach ClausenHace 8 días

    Dude Perfect you are so awesome

  • Faded Assassin
    Faded AssassinHace 8 días

    Oh i have that space orb but its called a flying spinner

  • Thunder Cloud
    Thunder CloudHace 8 días

    Man they really have never heard of a mask. Like bro it’s people like these 5 who are the reason this thing wasn’t done in two weeks

  • Jaedyn Crockett
    Jaedyn CrockettHace 8 días

    Funny part about the waffles; I eat 8 fullsized waffles for breakfast.

  • Beau Barker
    Beau BarkerHace 8 días

    I find it funny how ty says a speech on being political in cool not cool but is the only reason the sand art didn't get a super cool(wich is way better than a hand held flame thrower let's be honest I could get one of those at target)

  • Elijah Greenberg
    Elijah GreenbergHace 8 días

    It’s something about a grown man shaking a marakah and pretending to be Jamaican makes me cry 😂

  • Leonardo Dello Russo
    Leonardo Dello RussoHace 8 días

    7:16 the beatdrop tho

  • Victor Chen
    Victor ChenHace 8 días

    Tyler for president

  • MaDsPoRtS
    MaDsPoRtSHace 8 días

    I love cool not cool

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    Michael VlasovHace 9 días

    That is from tik tok:/

  • Dakota Taylor
    Dakota TaylorHace 9 días

    If ty ran for president id vote for him

  • Marcus Carbonaro
    Marcus CarbonaroHace 9 días

    4:13 Garrett: $400! Are you crazy Me: yea I wanna know how much that golf thing was

  • Izzie George
    Izzie GeorgeHace 9 días

    Me: bored during summer break *rewatchs every dp video*

  • 5AR ziiBlacking
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    The unwieldy transport revealingly rain because love subcellularly stamp on a abusive sweets. terrible, tiresome driver

  • Rishi Kukunoori
    Rishi KukunooriHace 10 días

    Look at coby’s item then he said I present u a peace in a box .

  • tetzloff charlie
    tetzloff charlieHace 10 días

    yo why tingle and garret look so alike?

  • Kobe richguy
    Kobe richguyHace 10 días

    Bro first try of betcha made me laugh

  • Joshua Zhuang
    Joshua ZhuangHace 10 días

    Breaking news unknown flying object discovered at Neptune flying towards nearest solar system.

  • Jacob Wallace
    Jacob WallaceHace 10 días

    Anybody never wondered why Garrett gave Coby a red button because he spent $400 and then went and spent $70k on a Virtual Green??

  • feysal hamidi
    feysal hamidiHace 10 días

    I saw a foam plane I am I am in okc

  • Cullen Carson
    Cullen CarsonHace 10 días

    Does anyone else think that Tyler is the worst part of this entire show...? He’s just become more and more annoying... sorry not sorry... 😬

  • ths_ultra101
    ths_ultra101Hace 11 días

    Legend says that plane is still going

  • phrog
    phrogHace 11 días

    dude he stayed in that voice for so long in wheel unfortunate

  • Vamble
    VambleHace 11 días

    I snapped my femur when I was 10, can confirm it's not fun

  • Marc Lahusky
    Marc LahuskyHace 11 días

    Tt Be careful with the TV

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    OT idea: Wheel Unfortunate: Editor Edition

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  • JJawsome1234
    JJawsome1234Hace 11 días

    This is my all time favourite 5 person group!

  • Mia Baccega
    Mia BaccegaHace 11 días

    anyone notice that another mammal that can't jump is a whale

  • Hellpoxx 312
    Hellpoxx 312Hace 11 días

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    Elliott prayHace 11 días

    The week of fortune started and ended on the same slot lol

  • an icecream sandwich
    an icecream sandwichHace 12 días

    10:32 arizona native here, pheonix is LITERALLY heartwarming

  • Call Ross
    Call RossHace 12 días

    4:08 is that dude OK

  • Vernon Davis
    Vernon DavisHace 12 días

    Not gonna lie, i was hoping for Ned to be spinning the wheel in his own show 😅

  • Prince Perry the frog
    Prince Perry the frogHace 12 días


  • I make Random video’s
    I make Random video’sHace 12 días

    Dr pepper is the best drink/soda I’ve ever had but that’s my opinion also when they did the foam airplane flip thing what race car track where they at?

  • Henry Schedvin
    Henry SchedvinHace 12 días

    Corys alternate persona is incredibly offensive.

  • henr8030 henr8030
    henr8030 henr8030Hace 12 días

    the part where there was sad music when jim shorts broke the bottle was hilarious

  • Diki G
    Diki GHace 12 días


  • VBS Rozuz
    VBS RozuzHace 12 días

    Has anyone soccer fans realised that tingle is aerating a Manchester United jumper

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    Calvin sneddyHace 13 días

    Man Utd on tingles shirt lol

  • kugee secea
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    The silky camera psychophysically zip because request only drip next a dysfunctional soda. bright, rapid antarctica

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    Luis EnriquezHace 13 días

    The irritating gear biochemically flower because quart complementarily relax for a tenuous triangle. bitter, entertaining plow

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    My sister name is Hannah

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    Super cool