GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19

Hide and seek in a HUGE store, carving massive pumpkins, plus your two favorite segments all in ! Special thanks to Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to shop:

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  • NosDan
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    They should do a video that’s with all the videos

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    I got an ad with Dude Perfect talking when I'm watching this videooo

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    i lost a tooth

  • Karl W
    Karl WHace 18 horas

    When will Panda be in overtime?

  • great respect
    great respectHace 22 horas

    Wheel unfortunate name picking looks staged....

  • Humblelarry1
    Humblelarry1Hace un día

    Cory should’ve win

  • Ced Ed
    Ced EdHace un día

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  • Leo Dentato
    Leo DentatoHace un día

    During cool not cool you can see the wheel in the top right in the backround

  • WrangWrang is me
    WrangWrang is meHace 2 días

    I need more top 10 and cool not cool

  • Lps Phoenix
    Lps PhoenixHace 2 días

    At 7:25 in the video, if you look between Coby and Garret, there is a weird shark seal thing. It’s so creepy. At first I thought it was a pup king but it moves…

  • Puddin Confidential
    Puddin ConfidentialHace 2 días


  • DirtyDangles26
    DirtyDangles26Hace 2 días

    That i spy ty segment isn't fair. If whoever finds ty last gets an extra name in the wheel, then because ty is hiding he can't get an extra name. I don't know what # time it is that it's obvious the other guys didn't agree and ty did it anyway because it's just his show.

  • turtl3
    turtl3Hace 3 días

    I’m like coby accept I’m better at using tools

  • Fasahat Siddiqui
    Fasahat SiddiquiHace 3 días


  • Fasahat Siddiqui
    Fasahat SiddiquiHace 3 días

    Wasn't the summer swimming pool one the first on location overtime

  • Catch Miller
    Catch MillerHace 3 días

    I’ve been there

  • Imelda Hernandez
    Imelda HernandezHace 3 días

    Ty be like granddaddy

  • Luke Walker
    Luke WalkerHace 3 días

    I shan’t to see ty spin the week.

  • Sealr
    SealrHace 3 días

    I can smell the bait from here SHEESH

  • Jack And Logan GAMEZ
    Jack And Logan GAMEZHace 3 días

    I agree with ty 1

  • Merin Rezk
    Merin RezkHace 3 días

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    Paisleigh LillianaHace 3 días

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    Mad MaxHace 3 días


  • MetallicaFan81
    MetallicaFan81Hace 4 días

    17:54 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ty's reaction

  • Corbin Bryan
    Corbin BryanHace 4 días

    i almost barfd and i wasnot even there

  • Organic Doom
    Organic DoomHace 5 días

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    Cristida RidoHace 5 días

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  • Victoria y ana elisa
    Victoria y ana elisaHace 5 días

    Ty had a ned forster moment during cool not cool

  • Sonja Vaughan
    Sonja VaughanHace 5 días


  • Almer Jethro
    Almer JethroHace 5 días

    The question is..Is zeus still alive?

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    Ronnie TooleyHace 5 días

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  • Liam Audrain
    Liam AudrainHace 6 días

    We just gonna ignore the fact that one of the punishments was “pierce your ear with a fishing hook”??

  • Tristen Keller
    Tristen KellerHace 6 días

    some people say ty is ned I don't see it

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    Jackman StudiosHace 6 días


  • Gamingwith Hunter
    Gamingwith HunterHace 6 días

    That’s so cool I was there 2 months ago for birthday also at the aquarium you can swim with sharks in one of the tanks I got to it was so awesome

  • Jeanette Baker
    Jeanette BakerHace 7 días

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    Sabrina HernandezHace 7 días

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  • OctoCreeper
    OctoCreeperHace 7 días

    3:13 in theory ty had to open the pumpkin before he put the camera inside so he cut it, put a camera inside, closed it, and opened it.

  • K Bartlett
    K BartlettHace 7 días

    2:50 ty: that is how you lose a get crafty Me: OR you use multiple cans of paint on a canvas

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    Cheese Stop motion studioHace 7 días

    I just got a dude perfect add on this video

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    Quacks YoutubeHace 7 días

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  • GemFlower’s adventures & gaming
    GemFlower’s adventures & gamingHace 7 días

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    Michele ReynoldsHace 8 días

    The funny thing is I got an add about dude perfect and I’m watching dude perfect lol

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    Van GilesHace 8 días

    More Ispyty

  • shadow
    shadowHace 8 días

    Ned, your a really big bully. I mean stealing a Ned Golden Boy from a Polonaise boy

  • Kanok (Kaka) Chaimongkoltrakul
    Kanok (Kaka) ChaimongkoltrakulHace 8 días

    21:18 Tyler did actually used little power from his right hand to make the mail box a super cool

  • Ben J
    Ben JHace 8 días

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  • Studio Balcony
    Studio BalconyHace 9 días

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    Gavin jacksonHace 9 días

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  • Kishuk 1307
    Kishuk 1307Hace 9 días

    This I'm got be watch 12 times

  • Kishuk 1307
    Kishuk 1307Hace 9 días

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    jacky maiHace 9 días

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  • Kean Waterston
    Kean WaterstonHace 9 días

    Ty: hey buddy give me high five Fish: slaps his hand Me: flabbergasted

  • Arun Chellappa
    Arun ChellappaHace 9 días

    Do you all think Ty cheats WHEEL UNFORTUNATE or is it just me

  • Rocket House
    Rocket HouseHace 9 días

    Cody mean

  • Quentin Young
    Quentin YoungHace 9 días

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  • Scythe
    ScytheHace 10 días

    I find it quite funny that ty says head to your local bass pro and there at the mine

  • Spencer Manary
    Spencer ManaryHace 10 días

    Have you realized Cody has go hurt a lot first his arm then his eye and now his leg

  • Nightmare
    NightmareHace 10 días

    Who else thinks that’s a mahi mahi before they said it I ain’t smart in fish I’m saying this before they say the type of fish

  • Jack Rivaldi
    Jack RivaldiHace 10 días

    tys cool not cool is a stereotypes segment

  • Christian Salameh
    Christian SalamehHace 10 días

    10:34 Look at the metal hands bruh

  • Will Rouhani
    Will RouhaniHace 11 días

    I’m not kidding, I live nearby that bass pro. I swear I saw tire marks on the ground one time. Was that from Cody?

  • Black hawk
    Black hawkHace 11 días


  • Casey Amy
    Casey AmyHace 11 días

    Coby couldn’t name a dolfin fish 🤣

  • Dev
    DevHace 11 días

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  • Sylvia Perez
    Sylvia PerezHace 11 días

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  • Nathan krumwiede
    Nathan krumwiedeHace 11 días

    I think the real winner is Cobe because he made his wife happy

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    pierluigi tacconeHace 11 días

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    Anita PawarHace 12 días

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    Coby doing youtube thumbnail 17:58

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  • ImHoltzzy
    ImHoltzzyHace 12 días

    Coby: goes into the waders “this would be awesome Later that day Coby for wheel “stink bait waders”

  • Farzan Salehi
    Farzan SalehiHace 12 días

    Cory don’t think about all those times u chose urself think about OVERTIMES WHEN u chose someone else when u chose the paper for example OVERTIME 11👍 and OVERTIME 8 and more pls choose the paper for wheel

  • Henry Schedvin
    Henry SchedvinHace 12 días

    So extremely american. A mannakin stands with a rifle. "Nah that's not him, that's a child mannakin"

  • Kid yt
    Kid ytHace 12 días

    Corey I’m not a team player

  • RIPMAN For You
    RIPMAN For YouHace 12 días

    Coby: What Did Cody Have? Tyler: He Had Nascar. Like HE HAD A NASCAR

  • Highvolt_29


    Hace 3 días

    If you pause sadly cody is not a donut expert like the guy driving it

  • Kushal Kochar
    Kushal KocharHace 13 días

    18:16 Cory laughing while pouring rat blood Coby:(thinking)you are so gonna get it later

  • Oliver Warner
    Oliver WarnerHace 13 días

    I have two favorite segments my first favorite segment is real unfortunate because you all hate it and my second favorite one is 100% cool not cool

  • The Bobbiverse L
    The Bobbiverse LHace 13 días

    Why don’t you guys do this one anymore?

  • The Bobbiverse L
    The Bobbiverse LHace 13 días

    Why don’t you guys do this one anymore

  • Prince Perry the frog
    Prince Perry the frogHace 13 días

    I like Cory and coby

  • Anita Thayapararasa
    Anita ThayapararasaHace 13 días

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    FN_Switch_BoiHace 14 días

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    cilsagu jadusdiHace 14 días

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